PLI Mobile app

PLI Mobile app

+ UX/UI design
+ iOS
+ User and pattern research
+ User flows
+ Clickable prototyping
+ Iconography
+ Design reviews with client

Our team worked with the Practising Law Institute (PLI) to revamp their app, which is designed to provide their customers easy access to their audio and video content. Users are able to select audio or video products, stream the media while online or download the files to their devices for offline review, and also allows them to view related material.

Typeface: Proxima Nova


The PLI app was outdated and difficult to navigate. The client wanted to give it a design and architecture refresh as well as make it easier for users to access content while traveling. Our backend team also worked on optimizing their data structure to reduce load times within the app.


We worked through several iterations of this app before landing on a final direction. The biggest change we made was the complete reorganization of the app's structure. We ran through the user flows to eliminate dead ends and hidden content. We simplified the navigation to four main entry points and designed custom iconography in order to give the users clear visual cues. 


The integration of the certificate application process after completing materials made the app a one-stop resource for users who needed complete CI certification courses. The refined navigation and simplified interface allowed for easy movement within the app. You can view the current version of the app here.