Feathr website redesign

Feathr website redesign

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The team at Feathr needed to update the design of their site to appeal to a wider audience. They wanted to simplify the delivery of information and highlight key features with something that was both easy to digest and navigate, as well as modern and inviting. They wanted to step away from the business-heavy look of their competitors and of the previous iterations of their own site.

Typeface: Montserrat


Feathr needed help market their services to a wider audience and pivoting to a more approachable design style. 


Testing found that users felt Feathr's message was directed towards industry 'insiders' and therefore their service wasn't for them. The company wanted to convey more of a friendly, approachable feel as they moved towards messaging that was more inclusive. I helped them to unify their site's color scheme, going with a primary palette of soft blues and a secondary scheme of bright, friendly colors to keep the feeling approachable. I updated their product illustrations to give them a more modern look, and also updated the typography treatments and imagery for the site.


I chose Montserrat as a friendly, easy-to-read sans serif font for the new site and materials, and used photography and iconography to establish a more fun, bright tone to the materials. I also introduced illustrations with a more expanded color palette while still preserving the client's blue-toned base identity.