Workplace prototype for Weight Watchers

Workplace prototype for Weight Watchers®

+ UX/UI design
+ User and pattern research
+ IA
+ User flows
+ Iconography
+ Copywriting
+ Client pitch presentation

We pitched Workplace, an app that tracks activity and motivates employees to keep moving (and to be social while they're at it).

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Faced with the challenge of motivating the employees at our office to be active and get outside, we decided to create a prototype for Weight Watchers®, a client we were working with.


The technical lead on the Weight Watchers® project and I worked through several user personas and created a proof of concept to show to the client. We designed this app to connect coworkers at an organization and encourages them to participate in health-based activities. It also helps people on different teams at the same company meet up and explore the cities they're living in as a group.