Code for Gainesville website

Code for Gainesville website

+ UX/UI design
+ User and pattern research
+ IA
+ User flows
+ Copywriting

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Code for Gainesville is a local brigade of Code for America, a nonprofit organization with a mission to make government work in the digital age. Members donate their time and expertise to help the City of Gainesville's government serve the local community better. 

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The Code for Gainesville brigade needed a site that would inform users of when events were taking place, but would also address the cost of user onboarding time administrators were facing each meeting. With only two 3-hour working sessions a month, losing an hour to setting attendees up so they could begin actively contributing to projects was too costly. Since some attendees attended meetups infrequently, we wanted to make their time as valuable as possible.


I started by designing the user onboarding flow, which allowed me to identify the specific actions we needed to facilitate with our site. A step-by-step flow emerged, and this heavily influenced the layout and design of the website. We wanted the site to be as straightforward and simple to use as possible so potential attendees wouldn't be intimidated by a complicated onboarding process and so we could focus on active contributions during meetups.


The new site is currently in development. It will replace the current version of the site.