Wufoo Form Manager

Wufoo Form Manager redesign

+ User & pattern research
+ User & validation testing
+ IA
+ Visual design
+ Design system component development
+ In-product pattern library & style guide
+ Prototyping
+ Motion and interaction design
+ Eng specs, hand-off and support

The Wufoo platform hosts a feature-rich form builder, data management and analytics tools. While the functionality of the product does a lot of heavy lifting, the visual design and user experience had not been updated in several years. Our goal was to create a better user experience as well as highlight some of the powerful tools already available to users that they may or may not be aware of.

Typeface: Whitney

This project is currently in development. Visit Wufoo's website and sign in (or sign up) to see the current version of the logged-in experience.

Form Manager dashboard legacy experience

Form sharing interface

API information and mapping


The Wufoo product experience was rich with features and functionality, but only a small set of power users were utilizing its full power. We needed to update the in-product user experience not only to match the logged-out experience better, but also to help users navigate the product and discover tools that currently exist within the product but have low visibility. 

Because the Wufoo product has been on the same tech stack since it was originally built, we decided to pair the codebase update with the UX & UI refresh project.