Hello, my name is Holly.


I'm a Senior Product Designer at SurveyMonkey, where I work on building new products on our core platform and supporting the personalization, user, international and growth teams.

You can view and download a copy of my résumé here.

Skills highlights

  • Strongly committed to craft, sweating the details, and loving complex technical challenges

  • Thrive in ambiguous environments

  • Possess strong product thinking and collaboration skills

  • Have a passion for designing the elements of a service-based experience beyond pixels

  • Ability to thoughtfully communicate my designs, receive feedback gracefully, and contribute to the work of others

  • Experience shipping quality designs at scale

  • Extensive knowledge of common operating systems & accessibility patterns

  • Strong visual design and prototyping skills (currently learning motion!)

  • Ample technical knowledge to translate my designs for engineering

Photo by Alan Gonzalez

Photo by Alan Gonzalez

I have designed and created digital experiences for clients like Reebok, The Weather Channel, Zumba, CVS Health, Under Armour, Weight Watchers, and Johnson & Johnson. I have also helped small business owners as well as social media personalities, professionals and creatives like Liz Meghan, Victoria Sanchez-Lincoln and Leila Dylla to get their work and businesses online. I've worked with startups (Feathr, Starter Space, Roomsync, Verigo and others) and companies helping them to implement design ideas, leverage social media in genuine, interesting, and engaging ways, and establish a connected, diverse and innovative design culture.