Hello, my name is Holly.

Hi there! I design beautiful interfaces that are enjoyable to use and informed by data and human behavior. Visual communication is my language of choice, and my best work is well-researched, collaborative and iterative. 

I'm currently a Senior Product Designer at SurveyMonkey, where I lead design work on the personalization, user, international and growth teams. I research user flows and design patterns, architect the SurveyMonkey product experience, perform user experience and interface testing, design new features and in-product experiences and work to further develop the visual identity of the product. I also work on internal tooling projects with the Design Systems team, and help with the design and scaling of our component library to allow our designers to design and prototype using shared and version-controlled patterns.

Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of working both in client services and as an in-house creative. Before joining the SurveyMonkey team in March 2017 I was a Senior Web Designer at University of Florida Health, a nonprofit academic health center that encompasses a group made of hospitals, physician practices, colleges, centers, institutes, programs and services mainly in Florida. Previous to UF Health, I worked as a Visual Designer at Mobiquity, a client-services company that specializes in app design and development. My primary role was as an Interface Designer, and within that role I grew to lead the design organization in Material Design education, led initiatives to bridge the workflow gap between designers and developers at the company, as well as helped to foster a community within the development organization of the widely dispersed workforce. I also created user flows, performed user experience research and testing, developed acceptance criteria for our QA team, worked with server architects to define server calls, and worked directly with clients to strategize and iterate on design solutions.

I have created digital experiences for clients like Reebok, The Weather Channel, Zumba, CVS Health, Under Armour, Weight Watchers, and Johnson & Johnson. I have also helped small business owners as well as social media personalities, professionals and creatives like Liz Meghan, Victoria Sanchez-Lincoln and Leila Dylla to get their work and businesses online. I've worked with startups (Feathr, Starter Space, Roomsync, Verigo and others) and small companies and have consulted on how to implement design ideas, leverage social media in genuine, interesting, and engaging ways, and establish design culture.